Our Commitment

Diapers are essential for the first few years of life and they can take up a big part of your budget. However, they do not have to be as expensive as you may think. Change to Diapers.com is committed to bringing down the cost of this expense and to making it so convenient that you don’t even have to think much about it!

Who We Are

Change to Diapers.com is made up of a group of individuals that can relate to the overpriced cost of baby products such as diapers and wipes, baby utensils and everything in between. We are a diaper club that delivers a one month’s supply of high-quality diapers and wipes to our customers through our subscription service. In today’s society, one of the biggest problems is inflation. According to the statistics portal Statista, the prices of baby diapers are expected to rise at an average of 1% per year for a total of 4% by the year 2024. Our goal is to lower the overall price of diapers and wipes and baby products dramatically and to pass those savings on to the consumer. So here at Change to Diapers.com, we’re doing something different! Because we ship directly from our own warehouses that are strategically located in the South, the Midwest and on the West Coast, we can deliver our products within 1 to 3 days (or less) no matter where you live in the United States. We have also eliminated the big chain stores and all middlemen. This brings our prices down by as much as 40%! The growth of our company will extend our capability to pass the savings on to our customers even further, which is our number one goal. We intend to be the least expensive distributor of high-quality baby diapers in the world and to pass those savings on to you.

The daily recommended number of diaper changes per day based on diaper size and individual need ranges from 4 to 7 diaper changes per day. Our Standard Order allows you to adhere to that recommendation if needed. However, through the use of our Custom Order feature, you can purchase exactly the amount of diapers needed no matter how many children you have or what their sizes are. By using our subscription service, the cost of diapers and wipes is not only less expensive, but the savings go much deeper through never having to travel to the big chain stores and wait in any long lines! This saves time and money. These savings are passed directly on to you the customer. Because we are parents ourselves, we understand the value of a hard-earned dollar and have also been the victims of an overpriced market. We at Change to Diapers.com intend to solve this problem for parents by saving them time and money which can be used for other household purposes and expenses. CHANGE STARTS HERE! Order online now to begin the savings.


Change to Diapers.com